Sunday, May 25, 2008

what i've done

2day staying at home..too boring...
see what i've done now?
i made such a drink....delicious o!!
wan to learn?
then try it.

this is the boiled longan drink.
juz put in the dry longan and add in water in a bowl..then boil it.
after that..take off all the dry longan..we juz wan the water o..
put the longan drink into the fridge til this drink become cold.
take it out, and add in the sliced jelly cincau.

now,add in the HL pure milk
look at the colour of the drink.

dont be too much milk to cover the taste of longan.
muz keep trying the taste of the drink when adding the milk.
stop adding when u feel that it is nice enough.
this is depends on personal taste.
normally u can juz put the milk as much as the same with the longan drink.

then...hehe...u can serve it ady..
but if u wan it to be more nice..
juz put it back into the fridge so that the taste of milk and cincau wil be more stressed out.


i served it in such a nice glass..
matching with my nice dining room..
^^ drink it in a suitable environment wil be more delicious..
taste it slowly..
believe it?

now im gonna drink it..haha...

oh too nice for me...!
i cant drink slowly...
i finished it ady...
do u want one?
try it yourself ya!