Wednesday, November 26, 2008

oh my god oh my god!!!!

my audit test sure fail ady.....

i only write 7 points whereas it actually needs 20 points..(this is what i heard)

and....only 36 minutes to write, how to write? huh huh huh???

20 points with explaination ler..not only points..

and some more....the question asking about audit strategy..

which we have never practice on this topic..

i have read the books and notes before the test about this audit strategy...

but, i have no idea what it is about..

the information from books and notes is so...LIMITED!!

what a.... test!

killing we the student.

do the lecturer and tutors build their happiness on our sadness?

i can't believe...i'm so disappointed.

i can't imagine the result.

GOD.....Pls help me~~~

i don't want to fail any way..

never do this on me.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

这世界上, 为什么有那么多人让我觉得恐怖?
我一直以为, 做人是很简单的..
朋友之间, 是要互相信任的.
可是有些人, 会把你的信任当做武器, 去攻击别人.
什么叫朋友? 我真的不懂得去解释了.
一个风景优美的地方, 本该所有人都很快乐的.
就一件那么小的事, 所有人的心情都抹杀了风景.
最后留下的 ,是泪. 是失望.
因为只要一提起这个地方, 就会让人想起这不愉快的事.
我的向往.... 会是遗憾了...
他们的不开心. 是因为我那愚蠢对人的信任,不是因为我那没脑的笨.
些事, 忘不了的, 是一辈子的.
我学会, 交朋友, 不是那么单纯的.
我学会, 很多事情, 如果跟着感觉做, 会是个错误.
我学会, 要把不开心的事都收起来, 总是笑脸迎人.
样子, 别人就不会被伤害了....
我也学会坚强, 一个人面对.
我很清楚知道, 我已经是一个人了. 我没有逃避.

DANG!! i stole my bro de digicam! know where am i going?
a long distance travel to......---->MALACCA~~
Know whr is this place? A'famosa resort lo...
but hor...aikzz...i thought so happy to go and stay thr de. cos i was thinking dat..
the resort sure very nice de lo..
mana cheap de.once i walk in, got a type of smell..
maybe that unit left empty too long, nobody stay.
all the bed and pillow also smelly.
i only slept for 5 hrs that day wei~~~
luckily juz stay 1 nite. if not sure i die.

haha i ask my mum to take this pic for me...
but how come i do this kind of post??

and how come my mum wan copy my post and edit a bit? haha...

ini orang jepun!
my okasan!
daddy....look at this pic also can laugh out..
how come ler..his face so funny geh?

my grandma..
i can saw her eyes..
she wana cry, but she stopped her tears from dropping out.
actualy that day quite a lot of ppl sad..
cos grandpa passed away d.he cant see my cousin's wedding.
and the brother of my cousin, he drank dat day..
and cried sad...

change attire..
in my dad's car going to the restaurant lo..

this is the pair of new couple..
(i dont have a clear pic in the restaurant of them, so use this to ganti hehe..)

my family...
my two brothers din come for this celebration.
cos they need to stay in shop and work..
so cham~ aikzz...
thats y i said, this kind of business, not good even though earn a lot.
cos got money, no family anymore.
we have nvr go for any travel after dad had start up this business.
nvr, a family in a whole..

wish that i could have a very nice family by myself in the future lo..

my mum oso ask me to marry somebody that can accompany me more.

no need everyday, but at least, got family day..

i wish too...but on fate.^^

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

yo...what a lucky day today...?
i met a friendster friend at the car park inside college.
lol~ i can't even recognise who is him..
cause i nvr go and see his photo... =.="
sorry ya Adrian...anyway, nice to meet u too.
and..on the way home, i received a call from "True Fitness".
They invited me to go to their branch to have a 7 days course.
hehe...some more wanna arrange a personal trainer for me wo~
i said wana bring a fren go, she said welcome.
SAM PUI YEE, you are targeted! wahaha~
and i know why is the True Fitness will have my contact.
i think sure already a member there is it?
i guess la..hehe...cos you seldom call me as Stephanie.
so im not sure is it u..
anyway, i will have a try if i have the time.^^
Today is a very nice rainy day.


雨天, 为什么永远都让人觉得心情低落?
我试着谈天, 他却... 没有回应.
甚至, 就消失了.
那种忽冷忽热的对待, 你能明白吗?
, 变成了泪. 落个不停.
雷的咆哮, 震撼了我的心..

当我也线上消失的时候, 却看见.....

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