Monday, April 6, 2009

sorry for not updating my blog for such a long long time~

actually i juz have my another new blog. because.. this blog..too much close friends viewing here. i juz cant express my feeling here cos some of them are my story's theme or main character. my life, my feeling are juz very close to them. i feel uneasy to write here cos sometimes argument may happen. especially about love.

A blog, is just a very nice place for me to share my feeling with some friends from all other places that never meet, whom can comment me in their very own opinion, without prejudice, and giving me advices, without scolding. I don't want to write something sad here and if the character saw my blog he or she will feel that im purposely complain here to let everyone know. I'm not a very bad girl to purposely post something bad about people. i never want to let those who know us to know what happen on us. no way..

so..forgive me not to share my sad and angry thing here...and allow me only share my very happy thing here.^^ i wish that everyone around me only know that I'm happy with them but never know i angry or feel sad with them before. because...i want all my friends to be with me even i hate them sometimes..haha~ I'll stil apologize even I'm not the one who is wrong. Cause i wan my friends. even they are wrong and never apologize, they are my friends still.

so~ if one day u are able to find a blog that only having sad and angry posts, and u found that's me..then u may found the complete life of mine. But don't tell any other people here that u found me in that blog o!! shhh~~ ^^