Sunday, September 21, 2008

19september2008...unforgetable day in my life...

help~~~my handphone let ppl stole ady!!!!!

i was working in my dad's shop...
that day was so quiet cos the customer really too less...
i was juz helping as a promoter..
so i sat at the counter and read since there was no customer.

that was really a bad day cos when i reached the shop in the morning, i found that my pants has broken..i was forced to buy a new pants.
and fon cant put in the pocket of my new pants cos my belt covered my pocket.
so..i hang my fon on my neck.

hanging it on my neck for whole day really i planned to take it down..
ad put at the counter..on the table a while..while i was reading..
and at that time..some customers came in..MALAY!!!
they were looking for some of cos i stood up and served them...
and then,,when they went off..i back to the counter.only i realised my fon on the table was gone!!
one of the MALAY stole it...i tried to went out and find him.but i really cant remember his face.
and also..he shd have gone very fast.

luckily...there's a guy working opposite my shop..he help me to call to the maxis centre to block my simcard 1st...this could prevent the thief to use all my credits inside..mine is prepaid..

i was so sad and...duno what to do...
the nex day...i went to find my bro and asked him to bring me to buy a new fon..
i bought nokia fon..b4 this i was using sony ericsson.
so hard to be used to it..but this fon really better a lot cos typing msg faster.

some advices here....
nvr ever let ur fon leave ur hand or away from ur attention.
oni a few can be lost.
so especially in public transport..if ur fon is in ur pocket, put it in the front pocket but not back 1.
and..your hand shd keep pressing the pocket until u leave the station.
cos i have a fren lost his fon even putting in front pocket.
thief are used to the way the please be aware.

and if u r so unlucky to lost ur matter u using prepaid or postpaid...
go to the nearest maxis centre or even a booth selling maxis top up card...
ask for the number to call to the maxis centre!! because u can block ur simcard from being use by the thief. ur credit in ur simcard will still remain thr if u apply it back later.( this is for maxis user..digi im not sure but u still can try)

next.u have to quickly inform ur family members that ur fon has been stolen. cos there was also a case whr...a woman, her bag has been robbed, her fon and all the bank card were inside her bag. and because in her fon, she set her husband's name as "husband"...the thief then use her fon, sms to her husband ask for the pin number of her bank saving account number..and get all her bank saving. aware of that too..inform ur family if u lost ur fon.

always be aware with stranger around u..tey always spot anyone holding fon or even have a fon in matter ur fon expensive or cheap...especially be aware of malay ppl...( no sensitive issue here...the malay ppl oni refer to the thief..not those good malay ppl)

always take good care of urself and ur property.

i learnt after i lost once...wish that everyone who saw this blog...will learn b4 u lost anything.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

my genting 1 day trip. lalala~~~~

when everyone still busy for exam..
haha our course geh exam finish jor...go genting lu~~
we met in the terminal putra at 8am
then took bus to genting lo..
half of the genting oni we reach..then take cable car..

haha...u see meisim so scare to take cable car...she wan cry u noe..shouting inside.

haha we self take this pic de...
duno y...meisim got such pattern..
like saying gambateh for our trip!

come a solo pic with the cable car 1st..
i nvr take pic in cable car since young ler..
cos go genting oways dad drive until the genting hotel thr ar..

here we reached the genting hotel...
this place so nice, then we stop here take pic lo..
mana tau we ady lost. cos everybody left us liao...
they all went to 1st world hotel wo..nvr wait us geh..sad~

haha when we rush to 1st world hotel..
they not yet reach wo wakaka~
they lost but not us..
so we continue take pic while waiting them lo..
the mist so thick..can u imagine how cold it is?
i din bring my thick jacket..cos i tot..recently the weather..cant be so cold anymore..

now all of us met in the 1st world...
lol everybody here chatting, playing..
everyone seems so excited o~

hoho we met michelle...she came up genting 1 day b4 with her family
then we meet her in 1st world.
she hor...wear so short de pants o...
not cold de meh...?

everyone ready to play.
the ppl geh
so quiet..wan to play what also can..of cos i play everything
except....the "tiao lou ji"...scary cos got ppl died b4.

cant let go every chance to take pic o~

my handphone spoilt suddenly..

haha pinjam the public fon to call..

handsome boh?
haha im so cooooool o~~

we were now in dinasour land..
here are the two famous dinasour in there.
black VS white dinasour.

see see..
the black dinasour killing meisim!!!!
this dinasour land security not good!
let dinasour come out!

take pic with handsome dinasour...

this land is so~~ nice...
great place to take pic..

this is my pet..
i put it in this land haha~

muz take 1 pic with tehping geh~
gd gd fren hehe..
but he seems not so happy that day o..
mood not gd..
muz smile more oni lengzai geh~

my gor gor and his gf haha...
making love-----shape wo~
wakaka~ ur dirty brain think what again?

haha T..A-D..A~~

very very tired for the trip
i haven't eat from morning til 2pm ler.
so we went to mcd lo~
thr's a calefe here...
doing some geli action haha~
cant beliv...

b4 leaving..back to this place again
im not taking any pic o..
being photographer lo..
victor took pic with his same country ppl...
can see the indian child thr?

so many antique vase..
so nice..
cant buy so take pic as memory lo..

we going back d lo around 5pm. everybody so tired..
sleep like pig o..
so do i~

very nice trip...
but quite tired lo...
next time if wana go..
go island lo..go and stay for few days..
can rest then wont be so tired liao lo..^^