Sunday, December 23, 2007

secondary school gathering...^^

we meet in kfc around my house area...a bit disappointed cause not so much people going.. but still happy to chat there cause they are still so funny.

i think they are planning to go sing k on christmas eve...but i av to do housework at home... ithink i cant joint sad..if im so free like them and go everywhere as i like, isn't it good? why m i have to be so good and stay at home everyday and listen to my parents? i think it's time for me to change. i dont want to be like htis forever. i want to get back my normal life. being control by parents is sucks! i must try to go on trip with frens when im 20 next year..that's the life i should have. i dont care they worry or what. they should know nothing they could worry so much on my age now, i should be free to try out my life, i should have learn to take care of my self, if they never let me free, i will never grow up. i want to grow up now. let me free~

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Bad mood....

too bad...these days im in very bad mood...too much stress in my study....make me almost scold my friend when she ask me so guilty to her....and the most bad, im so sorry to my bf. i quarrel with him a lot...make him unhappy...even he just joke to me, but im angry with him and quarrel....I never be like this...never be so moody and scold people easily...and i never angry to any of my bf.....he is the one.....feel so guilty...but i dont want to keep in heart all my mood, i will be crazy and explode out in future...and it will be worse than now....jjust so sorry to them.. should blame the main cause,the college tutor...all crazy,give a lot of work ad stress to me.

Friday, December 14, 2007

i have found this type of guy..hehe..

  • Every girl dreams that one day she willfind a guy that does these things forher. even the smallest action can havethe BIGGEST impact in someones life.
  • • give her one of your t-shirts tosleep in.
  • • leave her cute text notes n comments.
  • • kiss her in front of your friends.
  • •tell her she looks beautiful.
  • • look into her eyes when you talk to her.
  • • let her mess with your hair.
  • • touch her hair.
  • • just walk around with her.
  • • FORGIVE her for her MISTAKES.
  • • look at her like she's the only girlyou see.
  • • tickle her even when she says stop.
  • • hold her hand when you're aroundyour friends.
  • • when she starts swearing at you,tell her you love her.
  • • let her fall asleep in your arms.
  • • get her mad, then kiss her.
  • • stay on the phone with her even ifshes not saying anything
  • • tease her and let her tease you back.
  • • stay up all night with her whenshe's sick.
  • • watch her favorite movie with her.
  • • kiss her forehead.
  • • give her the world.
  • •let her wear your clothes.
  • • when she's sad, hang out with her.
  • • let her know she's important.
  • • kiss her in the pouring rain.
  • • when you fall in love with her, tellher.
  • • and when you tell her, love her likeyou've never loved someone before.
  • guys repost as : i'd do this for mygirl.
  • girls repost as : a perfect boyfriend

14th December 2007

Bad days....everybody is unhappy, and some more i get serious sick. i never sick until like this.. make me everyday sleep in class.
i cant even talk much cos my mouth got a lot of alser, make me suffer for all the days when i was eating, sometimes really feel like dont want to eat. and i love spicy food, now i have not touch spicy food for 1 week already, this is really killing me slowly.

between..last time i was really angry with my best fren for what she has done to me. i dont even tell her what's happening, i lie to her so that she wont know, i dont want to lost a fren who really can talk a lot with me since we have almost the same interest.

now im ok with her already, i know hard to get a fren that really can understand me, even she really so care about her boyfriend until neglected me, just let it be.cos i have other frens too, i dont need to always disturb her. maybe 1 day if she found that she need me, she will find me, and i have my functiona s a best fren again.

this is what my dad told me, frens are making use of each other, nobody is excluded. last time i don't believe, now i know. i accept this fact, and i wont angry to any of my frens anymore even they did something bad to me, cos i know..when they neglect me, means they found somebody more suit than me who can accompany them..she got boyfriend, she will tell her boyfriend what ever happen, not me anymore. so i just stand by for her, until she need me 1 day, i will be there. this is what we call as "friend", isn't it?

appreciate your friends, don't simply get angry with them and quarrel, don't ever say you hate them, some words if already say out, it is hard to keep back. don't make yourself regret, and there's not only a friend in the world, don't just appreciate your best friend, it's not fair to the others...

Friday, December 7, 2007

24th Nov 2007 (transferred from old blog)


our big group eating there and noisy.. everybody is waiting for the food and hougry...but when the mee i order come...not same with the sample... we can sue under the sale of goods sold section of the law... the food is not same as the description... lol..

24th Nov 2007 (transferred from old blog)


studying hard before our test...this yanz tie the samurai thing on his head which he said that can give him more energy to study...hahaha... result come out the we know..

24th Nov 2007 (transferred from old blog)

this is my famous classmate who like to take pics a

2nd Sept 2007 (transferred from old blog)

hehe~~i juz took a new adidas jacket from my dad's shop...nice ler~ guess where does this photo come from?? new fon lo~ K530i S.erisson. fresh fon o...newsest style, juz on market these few days... so happy...

25t November 2007 (transferred from old blog)

there's no true fren in the world...i reach the age of 19 now only i notice that....maybe it's too late but at least nevermind...last time i thought that, frens so important, cos if u go out, without frens u will be alone.. and frens are so good because all of them will care about your feeling...but i can tell u here, no such thing.
when they need u too, they dont hav boyfren...they are caring about u. what happen to you they will be sincere.but when they did hav a boyfren, everything boyfren comes first. boyfren sk them not to go somewhere with you, even though they had promise u they will go with u, they will cancel.
i hate ppl didnt walk their promise, and my best fren know me so well....i thought that we are the best fren in the world. nothing could influence our relationship even boyfren, this is our promise.she know i hav a protective parents,i cant even go out by public transport by we get the job, she told me she will come back to her house here to take the public transport with me. but after that her boyfren also will work together with us, and she send me message, tell me that maybe she couldn't back to my house area here to take public transport with me. she wants to go with her boyfren whoch they both now stay around the college.
she broke her promise to me just because a sentence of her boyfren. how could she did that to me? when i get that message i really disappointed with her... she changed after she got somebody told me before...
friends will leave you due to their loves one,but those who love u will leave their friends due to you....
so...please appreciate the one who loves you,especially your family. because in this case, when i dont have transport anymore after my fren had broken her promise, my mum is the only who help me. she let me drive to the college, or even let me drive to the working place. she dont want me to rely on those useless fren, she is right, nothing is better than family, anything happen,all peopl will leave u, only your family will really disappointed and tears even dropped for her....she is not my best fren anymore....cos she had changed...i will never believe true fren in this world anymore. no suc thing. since the world is so realistic, i should have change myself too to suit this world so that i can survive. i will never need any true fren. i can rely on myself, i will be independent.

24th August 2007 (transferred from my old blog)