Sunday, May 9, 2010

sigh...internet really too widely connected

whatever happened to me sadly, no matter who you are...please do not speak a word to the other.(cause i dont know who else close to me had viewed my previous post.i deleted it, should it been deleted from you rmind too)

because this could spoilt my life. those passed, let it passes. this is really important to me. thanks.^^
just keep it as secret, forget it if possible hehe.thank you very much for assisting in this.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

No cake baking d.

too bad 2day not going 2 bake cake d for mother's day.
cos i gotta fetch my lil bro from his sch at 3. if im gonna bake, shd be from 12-6pm. non stop
aikz quite miss the moment of baking~
so~ juz went 2 the baker cottage 2day and book the special flovour cake only for mothers' day lo.
what else can do? bro cant drive yet..mahuan~=P

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

mothers' day around the corner..what's yr plan?

my mum said..."secret recipe's cake very sien d la...dun1 buy d." (coz my big bro lo..he like SR cake, every event oso buy thr de til.....@.@

so....hehe. mum ask me when i wan bake cake wo...yuan lai she miss my cake haha!!

dang dang dang~~ ok lo.i will bake an orange flavour butter cake.
(she dun like cheese cake, cant bake cheese choice)
(cant find mascarpone cheese around the ingredient shops around my hse, cant bake tiramisuT.T no choice)

so bake her favourite simple cake lo^^ wish me luck ya... dun fail in bakin' o. ^.<

Monday, May 3, 2010

$$$$$$$$$$$ hehe i earned rm200 today~~

Beginning of a month, what a son should do?
hehe of course giving parent monthly allowance ma...
and hor and hor~~
my bro gimme RM200!! wakaka~~
you know what..I'm good sis ma...every week help him clean room wo~
so gimme money use, acceptable right? wakaka~~
when i planned 2 go redang, start paying deposit, i ady start feeling like bankrupt jor.
thx bro ^^ i hope 年年有今日 ah!! haha~

blogging satisfaction

finally...i satisfy with my blog design.
it's really tiring to design the blog, crazy with the photoshop software to create the only special header photo.
and the templates colour...
I am choosy...haha. that's why i neglected my blog for decades due to dissatisfaction of the design.
but now i'm bck!!!^^ as a blogger, updating my life here..with more exciting journey in my life. guess what?
im gonna graduate soon.....................................
BIG change of my life there'll be.from receiving allowance monthly, become paying to parent monthly.
I guess i got lotsa stuff to purchase with my 1st few months' salary.haha. so sorry papa mama, let me spend off my salary on my necessaries!!
new HP!!!(with AGPS of road idiot= =)
and duhh~~~~new CAM!!!!!

all da best to me for my very FINAL exam in my studies!! will nvr FAILING!!
gambatei all candidates for this coming papers~