Thursday, January 10, 2008

am i really let my frens feel that im....arrogant? i know sometimes im quite perasan, but im juz kidding and wana make fun...but why........y my fren said that? some more, they say behind of me...when i talk vif 1 of my fren, oni she told me some "people" feel that i am. is it a joke also can make ppl take serious of it? is it making fun by this is not fun at all? this world.....really have a lot of person who like to talk ppl's bad behind ppl... i swear, no true fren in the world for me anymore. no more. i wont talk so perasan anymore, wont joke like this anymore, since they wan to take serious on everything, come on!!! i play with u all too....i will serious on everything.

friend....this word is so mock!