Friday, March 28, 2008


2day my fren bring me around mid valley there to try indian food! u know...when 1st i sit so excited cos my fren told me there's only 1 type of food inside there, everyone there is eating the same thing.

then..the waiter serve us with banana leave at wondering what delicious food will be on it.

but when the waiter!! i get shock...everything they serve onto the banana leave.. i have never seen!! there're all kind of things with different colours...

i was im gonna eat that? it looks like so things that cant be eaten... the only normal food on the leave is...white rice...hahaha~~ but when i start to try every food on tasted not bad... is quite delicious after i start eating. 5 of us, 1 indian 4 chinese....haha only meiwen cant finish it cos cant stand with that kind of strange food. we all finish it!! anyway..thanks joshua and timothy brought me to eat something i never try b4...^_^ if got new nice food tell me o~ im sure try geh~

Thursday, March 27, 2008

when im planning to sleep..i saw my fren's blog (cbox) angry!!!

Why everytime i also get angry with my fren's ex bf? cant he let me stay as what we are before? i seldom quarrel with wynki de...but he did let us quarrel for once! make me damn angry...
now they broken, i talk for my fren, fight for my fren. cos i dun wan to let him hurt her. and my fren told me she wan kek sei him, wan fite with him cos wan him to say sorry. but now seems.. everyone in the cbox also saying that im the one who adding chocoal to let them fite. they wan to close case.
im the one who wrong again? i just do what my best fren wish. she wan him to say sorry!!! so i do for her. but im now the wrong it i shouldn't be so concern about their thingy? maybe should be as her frens all said, let themselves settle? ok...then i will never say a word about them anymore. dont ask me opinion really desparate now...i hate to be too protective now. i hate myself. im wrong in doing anything for my best fren. so i dont wan to hav true fren anymore. i thought last time i dont beliv best fren is my own sucks thinking. but now i know...that time im not the wrong one.human being should be selfish to protect themselves better than any other....i should learn to protect myself better than any other too...


gambateh ya hubby!!

hubby u really so sayang me o...everytime i say want anything also u get for me de. ^_^ i know im really a bit too much to ask u come KL find me more times...cos it is really wasting your petrol money..but i really miss u a lot u gonna go for interview and study so hard there but i cant be at your side help u massage guilty o~ owe you 1st la hehe..these days i quite busy editing my blog layout and also my frenster. some more the msn cant online really so sad. cant cam cam with hubby. =(
nevermind tomorrow im going out for movie with my classmates, go happy happy. of cos i wont forget to pray hard for your interview u forever! must get job, earn much much money!! love love ya... =P

Thursday, March 13, 2008

my life's weather always change according to you.

everytime u find me,im so happy cos i know u miss me, but when u go out with your frens and just say sorry bye bye, i will suddenly feel like...u find me just because u are boring, when your frens have time for u, then u will be away from me. i know i think too much, but... i dont know what to do.
maybe because u go out too much with ur frens, and when i only hav the time to see u then u said u already date with frens..this is what i care.
but i never can complain and be angry with u, cause i know im the one who have the problem. i cant go travel with u, cant go penang to find u due to my family's rules. im the one that never have the right to complain anything. so i just be quiet always...
everytime also my fault.having a bad family also my fault. i can only keep it deep in my heart. maybe im scare to lost u..distance is really a big problem for a couple,especially for me. i dont want to be like dat................................i dont want............