Thursday, March 13, 2008

my life's weather always change according to you.

everytime u find me,im so happy cos i know u miss me, but when u go out with your frens and just say sorry bye bye, i will suddenly feel like...u find me just because u are boring, when your frens have time for u, then u will be away from me. i know i think too much, but... i dont know what to do.
maybe because u go out too much with ur frens, and when i only hav the time to see u then u said u already date with frens..this is what i care.
but i never can complain and be angry with u, cause i know im the one who have the problem. i cant go travel with u, cant go penang to find u due to my family's rules. im the one that never have the right to complain anything. so i just be quiet always...
everytime also my fault.having a bad family also my fault. i can only keep it deep in my heart. maybe im scare to lost u..distance is really a big problem for a couple,especially for me. i dont want to be like dat................................i dont want............