Tuesday, February 26, 2008

am i really....not important at all?

u invited me to your convo, and im going to meet your family that day. you let me feel happy and appreciate what you did. but why now you tell me that you forget to buy the guest ticket? why you want to book it lately? how important am i to u actually?

my ex bf also asked me go his convo b4 this when i was his gf. he tell me how important i am to him. that time i said im not confirm whether i can attend or anot, he told me, convo is a very important day in one's life. so he hope that everyone that is important to him will attend and be there. if im not going, his convo will be meaningless.

now u even forgot to book my ticket..means i dont need to go for your convo, i dont need to meet your parents..is it what u want? now im doubting..how important am i to you. maybe my attendance is not so important to you. no matter im there or not, no different.