Friday, May 30, 2008

i gave my 1st time to my aunty wynki o!!

what do u think bout that 1st time? not dirty thingy okie?
my 1st time means..
baking cake~wohaha...
this is our target of cake.
but we cant find the stwedded pear as the we change our mind and bake another cake by

now this is all our ingredients that we bought.
got flour,eggs,butter,milk,sugar,and some simple decorarion of cake.
we also have the tools of baking cake..
seems like we so pro ar!! haha...

1st step:
weight the sugar and flour...all 8 0z.
then put in a bowl separately.

the sugar juz put aside.
for the flour, we must make it into more tiny.
cos when u bought the flour, it wil juz like some wil stick together..not nice.making it more tiny wil let the cake become more smooth and delicious... (aunty wynki teach me geh)haha...

then..weight the butter also..same as the b4...8 oz also.

put all the butter than weighted in to a very big bowl..
as big as able, cos scare later mix everything inside it wil be not enough.

then add in all the 8 oz sugar that have been weighted juz now into the butter.and mix it.

stir it until the mixture of sugar and butter mix balancely.

while im stiring the mixture of butter and sugar, anuty wynki ady prepared the 4 eggs.hehe.. so nice the eggs..

see...aunty wynki stiring the eggs...until all of it become mix together.

 mixture of butter ans sugar almost done d..such a hard work ar!! the butter so hard, then have to stir it until all become half liquid and mix balancely with sugar..

then add in the flour slowly and stir it. stir the mixture balancely...
this process continued for around 2hrs++
stir til our hand also tired lol.
luckily both of us stir it by turn.

when we done the mixture..then we added in the ground almonds...not too much..only a bit cos if add in too much wil spoilt the taste of cake. stir it after added. put it into the mould of cake....

and put it into the micro oven..hehe...
put around 1 hr..

after 1 hr it become the colour like dis o!!!

after become like dis lo~~

do u know whats the meaning of the double "S"?
1 "S" stand for me,Siewpeiwen,another "S" stand for wynki Sampuiyee.
YEAH!!! our 1st memory~

Sunday, May 25, 2008

what i've done

2day staying at home..too boring...
see what i've done now?
i made such a drink....delicious o!!
wan to learn?
then try it.

this is the boiled longan drink.
juz put in the dry longan and add in water in a bowl..then boil it.
after that..take off all the dry longan..we juz wan the water o..
put the longan drink into the fridge til this drink become cold.
take it out, and add in the sliced jelly cincau.

now,add in the HL pure milk
look at the colour of the drink.

dont be too much milk to cover the taste of longan.
muz keep trying the taste of the drink when adding the milk.
stop adding when u feel that it is nice enough.
this is depends on personal taste.
normally u can juz put the milk as much as the same with the longan drink.

then...hehe...u can serve it ady..
but if u wan it to be more nice..
juz put it back into the fridge so that the taste of milk and cincau wil be more stressed out.


i served it in such a nice glass..
matching with my nice dining room..
^^ drink it in a suitable environment wil be more delicious..
taste it slowly..
believe it?

now im gonna drink it..haha...

oh too nice for me...!
i cant drink slowly...
i finished it ady...
do u want one?
try it yourself ya!

Friday, May 23, 2008

so happy that i found a job from a tuition centre..
actually it's a centre to take care of children and teach them something when their parents not free
i not yet know about the salary and all the things about this job
but im juz taking it as a partime job
so salary if over 400 or 500 a month that would be enough for me
and i think i could work everyday for few hours
then my salary will be higher i think
everything is juz "i wish" lol
hope that it would be like i think
2molo im going to meet the person inchanrge and talk about everything of it
she said to me, she only now collecting students
if she got class then i can take the job
so...everybody!!come on pray for me ya!
gimme the luck to get this job..
hopes everything go smooth..then after i earn money..
hehe the 1st thing i do is...
give parents money
then present my best fren a dress not more than rm40, as i promised
hehe..then i keep my money in bank all
so that i couls go for my next travel lu~~
i like shopping!!!!!
i wan to be like in th

Wednesday, May 21, 2008
































Friday, May 16, 2008

i nvr meant to curse or hate u...

yesterday i was just too angry with u..cos i sent the msg to every fren that i care..i care u as fren so i sent to i know u sleep so early that day?

but..cant beliv...u scold me wake u up in the midnght...
im angry with myself..i shd not send u msg anymore..even a caring from a fren de msg oso not tot send to u de.
im regret lo...sorry to wake u up from ur sweet dream.
after break up, i know ur feeling to me gone even hate me cos im annoying ur life.
i know ar..receiving my msg is a kind of suffer in your life. cos u duno what to say to em except sorry ma....
and i duno what for u misscall me in this early morning 6am...
revenge me to let me wake up super early o?
i duno why we would become like dis....cant be couple...even fren oso cant be..some more want to hate each other....dun1 find each other...even need to lost contact...
really sad to lost a fren in my life....
i juz wish u to be happy oways la..maybe u really more happy without me de.
im not a homefly that making ppl hatred...i oso dun1 to let u hate me...
better i leave forever..if not i oso wil hate myself i think.

my heart really die ady..

no matter how good i treat him....he stil the same to me...he dont love me anymore, this is the stupid to wait stupid to love him stil.....everything he said to me in the past, im brainless to beliv...
im awake now...i know what shd i do....rather than everyday crying,i better forget him.. thinking his good will make me more suffer...he is not dat good least he treat me very bad..
if he really, he wont hurt me again and again...even wana break vf me, oso dont need to hurt me like dis...
after break up, cant even care me a bit more like a fren? i wan to put down him but i cant ma. u tot letting go a ppl that u love deeply so easy? but he nvr care of this. he just know that, he wan to make me die heart on him, wan to hurt me more so that i can forget this, he will be free from me, i wont find him...

he said this is a better way for us..but it is a better for himself..last time im too stupid... oways think for him..even he hurt me oso i said he is good, cos he wan hurt me now rather than hurt me more in future...thinking like dis only will make me suffer. every post i wrote here about him, i was writting them with tears...but this not anymore..
cos i know..i shd love myself more than anyone in the world..crying for him? y i wan make myself suffer? few more days..maybe i will see a photo he took with his new gf? maybe few more yrs i will reciv his invitation to his wedding? what for i wait for him? wait for disappointed? wait for more hurt?

last time i keep telling myself he is a very good guy. no he is not!!!! he is more cruel than any of my ex even my ex bf oso wil care bout me when i break vf him...but he wont!!!
he nothing to me!i wont cry for him anymore.he wan me not to disturb him ma..ok... i stay away from him lo...u tot i like to stick vf u?
im really regret to tell u that u r a good guy..sorry to say that... i keep back all my words. u r a bad guy...sorry to let u accept this reality.
i wont wait u love to u oso gone. everything changed...we game over!
i reciv the msg from my mum, she told me not to reciv the call from indonesian number, cos in newspaper really got ppl die for it after reciv the call...i juz worry all my not only send the msg to u, i sent to all my frens too...
i duno that u were sleeping..cos i know u oways reciv call in the midnite, no matter who call u. and u r blur ppl, how i know u will reciv anot? even those this is ridiculious, but better beliv it than not.i juz dun1 u to be hurt by this kind of stupid call.but u said i wake u up in the midnite.. like im annoying u....
i juz not hope that anyone in my life, no matter important anot, to leave me like dis... i appreciate everyone in my life, no matter is fren or ex bf...this is juz a caring from a fren. but u tot i wan to annoy u from ur sweet dream..
im really........totally change view to u...u r not the ppl i know in the past. ya u are right, everything changed, cos u totally changed...
if u got anything happen, i swear i wont cry for u, i wont pity u...cos i have told u to be careful.. u dun1 to listen..u dun1 me to care u ma...thats ur problem....
im ok with my life, got u anot im not really will realise it anymore. u die or disappear oso non of my business....
im a person whom heart very soft, u shd know that..u made me become like dis, angryu so much...u shd know what did u do to me...i nvr angry a ppl so much de. even my 1st love played me, he got another gal but stil get me as his gf, oso i can forgive him....and be fren with him.. we stil can be fren...
u? i duno.....cos u urself not appreciate me even as a fren...i care u as fren, u treat me like what??u ask urself!
if u stil got heart....u shd know what to do...being fren stil possible if u give me a call..and explain.. or....i will angry u forever.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008







gather with two of my best fren in my life..

in redbox toilet lol~~

in and wynki.

the curve nice view..

this is a very happy day with two of my best fren...we staying inside the curve...redbox..
we sing a lot fo,,traning our voice..
but this redbox is sucks!!!!
3 plate of nuts and snacks...RM24 in total...
i buy outside 1 big pack only RM2.50 most expensive!!!
brainless redbox!!!go green box next time...
redbox no brain ppl money like hell...
some more the songs there not good.sing until half will lag de...
service oso not good some more charge so careful i go and complain ar..
then we walk around the street in the curve..
the night view there really nice...
such a happy day for me actually...

having our hungry..i ate my plate of rice myself..haha..

my background wo..

but duno i reach night b4 i sleep, i cried...

i stil cant let go my ex bf..i used my heart to love him truely.. i even treat him as my marry target.

but for him..he juz love me cos got feel with me, felt sweet to be with me. now not sweet anymore then no feel anymore...

he is a very good guy..i know tat.but he not enough mature in love.
he duno what is love..cos loving a ppl, not only talking bout feel.. if feel come easy go easy, thats not love...

13may2008 in pirates cafe with old fren

having a drink with a very old fren in the Pirates Cafe..his name is Tern..
i think..we have nvr meet for one year ady...
he is oways busy with his some more become an actor in malaysia.
haha...wish him all the best lo..

this is my banana boat o!! hehe..

me and wynki
this is Tern...handsome ler~~~

2nd day of L@nGKaWi TriP (continued 4)

this is the last night and last activity for us in the Langkawi...BBQ.
actually quite reluctant to leave there...this vacation is too short for us..
not enough to play at time muz play more days.

at the terminal ferry we were. see our luggage?haha...too much o...heavy until we cant move if without the troli...
all my chocolates~~

this is what we have bought from i eat until sore throat o!!

2nd day of L@nGKaWi TriP (continued 3)

our big gang's pic in the petronas...

nice mirror..

bad mirror...
wahaha...this is our story in the petronas!!
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