Wednesday, May 14, 2008

1st day of L@nGKaWi TriP (continued)

after swimming and going to have our dinner and..go to pub!! im very sxcited that time cos thats my very 1st time to go out late in the midnight to some places that i never go b4...

and we girls....most of us i mean...keep make up and dress up nicely...but very sad becos i dont hav a sexy top...i oni have a very short pants..cos i nvr know the plan of our trip..nobody knows that we would go to pub and wear nicely..thats y i din brought my nice nice time i will be clever a bit..haha every style of clothes oso i bring. going to have big dinner 1st b4 going to the pub... seafood expensiv dinner actually..but nvrm..cos coming out for trvel,sure need to waste money oni happy de. so..i paid for it and enjoy it lo~~since not my money oso..haha!! my mum sponsor de. dont care la.. time!! actually tot will be very enjoy in the pub..when when we reached few ppl inside..thats not a big proble..the problem is..the band there...indonesian band!!!sing also out of lyrics!! cant beliv there was such a sucks band..made us all felt sleepy there lol...and malay more in there..really not suit to disappointed to have such a pub life for the 1st time in my life...but stil very happy cos with my gang of frens ma..haha...funny to be with them..crazy with taking pic.

wana see the toilet of the pub? haha..very nice de o~~ the place i most love in the the toilet lo..

this night...after all the event..we slept like pig..haha..cos this pub really boring and made us tired. once we back to hotel, all fall on the bed and slept.