Wednesday, May 14, 2008

2nd day of L@nGKaWi TriP

our breakfast for 2nd day in the hotel...i tot the buffet will be very grand...but..haha only some simple meal..but its ok for us.cos free thingy sure not so grand de long as the food not bad then enough ady.see at least we can eat until very full and finish almost all of it.
hehe...after our breakfast...we were going to the beach!!! we rented a boat o.. then we go out to the sea...for our activities..this is the most fun part in the trip..cos... u will see a lot of funny pic on our boat haha!!

most of us will have our funny emotion here.

we really enjoy it very much..

i love this trip.. although i only know my best fren when i went, but i get know with her gang of frens fast..and play we are old fren that know for a period..^_^ nice to meet them all here.
this is our big gang...

guys from top left..jia hao,hong,andy, and the guy driving the ship.
girls in the middle from left..nene( jia hao's gf o..) and grace
girls down from left..wynki,diamond and me.

haha!!! know what is this?? WATER HORSE!!! wahahaha~~ nice view ler this pic.. cant beliv i have such a nice skill..a small fish oso can become 2nd hand water horse..