Tuesday, May 13, 2008

1st day of my L@nGKaWi TriP

this is the very first time i leave my home and went out for few days..staying overnight outside with my best fren...aunty wynki,and her classmates..my brother sent both of us to the pudu station,then we wait for our konsortium double decker to come..that was so excited to see our bus..there are 7 persons in total taking bus to langkawi in this trip. but of cos i will stick with my best fren aunty wynki, and teo of her very close fren, grace and diamond..

from the left.

1==aunty wynki
3==suipo grace
4==shining diamond
our bus departed at 11.30pm on the wednesday (7th may 2008).we slept on the bus for almost 7 hrs to reach the kuala perlis..

once we reach there in the morning..we have a fren stay in langkawi, (hong). he come and welcome us, some more become our tour guide. he helped us to get a hotel room, got two rented car..but yet we can check into the hotel..cos we reach at 8am, and the hotel only can be checked in at 2pm.after the booking of hotel and rented car,it was almost 11am. so we juz went to a hotel with very nice view..to take picture...^_^
then we having our pizza as lunch b4 check into the hotel.
2pm...lol..we were inside or 4 STAR(****) hotel!!wana have a look how it looks like?
fine..here u go.

after get into the hotel room...what did we do? of cos change into our swimming suit and go swim at the hotel's swimming pool lo~~~

from the left:

wynki(act cool with the spec o!! so dark stil wan to wear)



lol me and grace oni wearing swimming suit..others not coming own to water so bad..but that water really cold.
and do u realize that..my swimming suit looks like those who are going to participate in the swimming competition? haha i look so pro in swimming ar..nex time really need to buy another set of swimming suit already..i wan bikini too!!