Friday, May 23, 2008

so happy that i found a job from a tuition centre..
actually it's a centre to take care of children and teach them something when their parents not free
i not yet know about the salary and all the things about this job
but im juz taking it as a partime job
so salary if over 400 or 500 a month that would be enough for me
and i think i could work everyday for few hours
then my salary will be higher i think
everything is juz "i wish" lol
hope that it would be like i think
2molo im going to meet the person inchanrge and talk about everything of it
she said to me, she only now collecting students
if she got class then i can take the job
so...everybody!!come on pray for me ya!
gimme the luck to get this job..
hopes everything go smooth..then after i earn money..
hehe the 1st thing i do is...
give parents money
then present my best fren a dress not more than rm40, as i promised
hehe..then i keep my money in bank all
so that i couls go for my next travel lu~~
i like shopping!!!!!
i wan to be like in th


kenneth said...

im definitely sure u will get the job that u not saying that bcs u are a strong girl neither am i saying u are a weak girl.Its just that i feel u are a smart girl that has confident on every single thing u do.than again like u say (NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE IN THIS WORLD)