Thursday, May 1, 2008

i should not flirt with guys...i swear i wont do that anymore.

i think i know bf all wont love me for so long period ady's my big problem.. now only i know, so late..
it is because hor...actually when i 1st meet all my ex bf, i oso starting with fren with them. and when we chatting,i always flirt with joking..talking all sweet thing to them. thats why they feel very sweet and happy to be with me. then they will start in love with me.
and u all should know...when a relationship goes to a longer period, u will have ur own busy life, not always so sweet and flirt always...u have to study have to work, have own responsible on family and when i start flirt less with my bf, their feeling to me, their love to me begin to lost. cos when they fall in love with me oso with the reason they happy to flirt with me. a couple cant be flirting forever in every chatting.
so...a suitable couple and long relationship, should be knowing each other very well, even keep busy their own life also will miss each other, can think for each other, no reason for loving each wont gone cos not flirting wont gone cos busy in own life... the couple will have responsible on each other, respect each other.......
this is what a true love i swear, i will never flirt with any guy anymore. i want to be myself, i wont love a guy b4 he fall in love with me. i wont flirt with a guy to purposely make him fall in love with me..not worth to get him with this way, cos i have to maintain him to stay beside me only if i nonstop flirting with him..i will be suffer.
i hope that...i will have a very normal relationship...starting with fren....then love each other cos we understand,cos we care each other,cos we need each other in our life,we will miss each other all the time,and will be both very mature in love,not to leave each other easily....cos we wan to stay forever with each other...think for each other....wont leave each other due to some small problem.....when u having a relationship, if u enough mature, u will know the responsible u have in the relationship. such as those married,even the love not so deep anymore,but their responsible is their future, their children. a mature guy will oni find a good wife for their future,but not a happy sweet gf for short relationship.if im as what all my ex bf said,im very good very nice, then im not worry that i cant find the 1 that want to be responsible on me. i dont need a bf oways stick with me, bring me go not a little gal anymore, i dun need bf bring me to go and play. i need a mature bf.i hope that.....if like now, my ex bf said he regret to he has to prove to me that he is really mature enough, think for our future, but not only thinking that he got feel to me anot. feel to me, more or less doesnt matter, as long as, wont lost the feel....wont change heart easily...wont oways want to get a better gf.nobody in the world is the best..everyone will see a better oppenent...cant compare between persons... i will....wait such a guy appear in my matter he is a new fren to me in future, or an old fren to me in my past matter who is him....i juz...pray to meet him.

2day busy in my kitchen for half day...even very tired but very big bro..haha he cooked wo....but we all cant finish eat, cos what he cooked, too salty la~~~~~~
i teach him to cook but he dun1 to listen to me, he tot himself is a big chef!!! haha~
even really tired and eat until wan to vomit, but this is the 1st day i feel very happy after i break with my bf. the only day i hav real happy, wont think a lot. cos im concentrate on doing my thing. i really wan to start school fast, then i can concentrate in my study...and forget everything in my life.