Friday, May 30, 2008

i gave my 1st time to my aunty wynki o!!

what do u think bout that 1st time? not dirty thingy okie?
my 1st time means..
baking cake~wohaha...
this is our target of cake.
but we cant find the stwedded pear as the we change our mind and bake another cake by

now this is all our ingredients that we bought.
got flour,eggs,butter,milk,sugar,and some simple decorarion of cake.
we also have the tools of baking cake..
seems like we so pro ar!! haha...

1st step:
weight the sugar and flour...all 8 0z.
then put in a bowl separately.

the sugar juz put aside.
for the flour, we must make it into more tiny.
cos when u bought the flour, it wil juz like some wil stick together..not nice.making it more tiny wil let the cake become more smooth and delicious... (aunty wynki teach me geh)haha...

then..weight the butter also..same as the b4...8 oz also.

put all the butter than weighted in to a very big bowl..
as big as able, cos scare later mix everything inside it wil be not enough.

then add in all the 8 oz sugar that have been weighted juz now into the butter.and mix it.

stir it until the mixture of sugar and butter mix balancely.

while im stiring the mixture of butter and sugar, anuty wynki ady prepared the 4 eggs.hehe.. so nice the eggs..

see...aunty wynki stiring the eggs...until all of it become mix together.

 mixture of butter ans sugar almost done d..such a hard work ar!! the butter so hard, then have to stir it until all become half liquid and mix balancely with sugar..

then add in the flour slowly and stir it. stir the mixture balancely...
this process continued for around 2hrs++
stir til our hand also tired lol.
luckily both of us stir it by turn.

when we done the mixture..then we added in the ground almonds...not too much..only a bit cos if add in too much wil spoilt the taste of cake. stir it after added. put it into the mould of cake....

and put it into the micro oven..hehe...
put around 1 hr..

after 1 hr it become the colour like dis o!!!

after become like dis lo~~

do u know whats the meaning of the double "S"?
1 "S" stand for me,Siewpeiwen,another "S" stand for wynki Sampuiyee.
YEAH!!! our 1st memory~