Friday, March 28, 2008


2day my fren bring me around mid valley there to try indian food! u know...when 1st i sit so excited cos my fren told me there's only 1 type of food inside there, everyone there is eating the same thing.

then..the waiter serve us with banana leave at wondering what delicious food will be on it.

but when the waiter!! i get shock...everything they serve onto the banana leave.. i have never seen!! there're all kind of things with different colours...

i was im gonna eat that? it looks like so things that cant be eaten... the only normal food on the leave is...white rice...hahaha~~ but when i start to try every food on tasted not bad... is quite delicious after i start eating. 5 of us, 1 indian 4 chinese....haha only meiwen cant finish it cos cant stand with that kind of strange food. we all finish it!! anyway..thanks joshua and timothy brought me to eat something i never try b4...^_^ if got new nice food tell me o~ im sure try geh~