Monday, May 3, 2010

blogging satisfaction

finally...i satisfy with my blog design.
it's really tiring to design the blog, crazy with the photoshop software to create the only special header photo.
and the templates colour...
I am choosy...haha. that's why i neglected my blog for decades due to dissatisfaction of the design.
but now i'm bck!!!^^ as a blogger, updating my life here..with more exciting journey in my life. guess what?
im gonna graduate soon.....................................
BIG change of my life there'll be.from receiving allowance monthly, become paying to parent monthly.
I guess i got lotsa stuff to purchase with my 1st few months' salary.haha. so sorry papa mama, let me spend off my salary on my necessaries!!
new HP!!!(with AGPS of road idiot= =)
and duhh~~~~new CAM!!!!!

all da best to me for my very FINAL exam in my studies!! will nvr FAILING!!
gambatei all candidates for this coming papers~