Sunday, November 15, 2009

8 in the MORNING

8 in the morning
cloudy sky, I reached my 'beloved' college that I had left it for a month.
Im driving thr of course, picking sweet girl MEISIM, and an 'indian guy' VICTOR.
They both my classmates.
We are so 'hardworking' to come for the revision class that is informed by our lecturer so long ago.
Here we are outside the DK~
from left, is MEIWEN, then MEISIM in the middle, the sitting one is VICTOR.
(They thought nobody can recognise them if they facing me with their back, LOL too silly)
Finally, once the door of DK is opened....
even the lecturer is not in..
because..the class is not on at all.
In fact, we should have email the lecturer if we wish to go for the class.
==", they nvr told me about this...
so~ we just hang on somewhere in coll to read something until brunch time...

times up for tired reading (actually is dreaming)
cause we sitting beside the swimming pool, my eyes in not focus on the book at all lol~

then...the next round is...brunch time~~
in the Island RED Cafe..

Sharing 1 drink, cause.. don't like drinking a lot ^^

Who's in this round?


My order~
It's nice~
Crispy chicken with delicious french fries~

MEISIM's order...
==' nasi lemak~~
hmm hmm..once the food is served,
her comment is
"chicken so small!!!"
"ikan bilis so less"
"Egg also small, the yolk so little~"
Then once have a try on it...
she said
"the rendang source nice"
"but the chicken so hard!!"
bla bla a lot of comment and finally...
She finished it too~ hahaha~

A day with foolish attendance on a non-existed class...
but still a wonderful day with wonderful person^^


Pamela said...

wei!! lol...
my comment, ahem~~
well, its true!
the rendang chicken its been cooking for i think almost a week!
i could taste it!
but nvm laa... expensive oso ma for a nasi lemak like have to finish it lor