Sunday, November 1, 2009

Because of tiring

After a couple of weeks, i stop thinking of him. I know this guy, is not suit to me. No he is not. I nvr feel that Im so stupid to cry for nothing.

Yes,Im idiot...
He told me long ago, Im not his gf. I know that. I juz keep giving myself hope, not he gave me the hope. He said to me b4, I know it. How come Im so stubborn and think that we'll have the chance to be together?

Guys are all the same (no discrimination, juz meaning those I met).
I know he juz treat me as a...backup. This is the most suitable word to describe it.
He dont really love me, he juz feel Im good, he dont wan to let me go. So everytime i said "I wan to leave, Im suffering to love u, i wan let go". he wil ask me what i wan. isnt it we deal not to talk bout love in the study period? he said he dont wan a gf yet. he say i cant und him.

Yes i dont, i really dont und him. I only und what i wan, what i feel. i feel he doesn.t love me at all. Im juz a backup for him. If he could finish his study and find a better one, then im free to go. If not, then he will take me. isnt it like that huh?

It's ok...when im typing this post, i dont even feel anger, hatred or crying.
because in my heart, i really let go. He should know that, no sacrifice, no rewards.
I wont wait for nothing..No way~

No matter how, as he wish, we juz fren. FOREVER.
Every word you said to me, it hurting me...every word is adding a wound in my heart, the wound is thr forever. but oni in my past, from now on, it's not hurting anymore. because u are nothing for me. I know u wont feel sad wont feel regret. losting me is juz nothing for u. u can find a lot of better one.. Im juz ur fren.

Yes, juz fren...................
So what? Who u thought u are? blekk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Im selfish, so dont feel that i changed d. I nvr. Because I'll only treat the guy I love gd. so dont say that im different from the one u know b4...

I cant predict the future, but I know, with your attitude, u wont love me anymore. should not say 'anymore', since u nvr love me. I should say, u will nvr love me no matter in the past, now or in the coming decades. So no point I wan to wait. Unless u tell me clearly u love me. If not, i wont beliv that u got feel.

And I hate the word 'got feel' and 'no feel". what does that mean? love means love, dont say got feel but that's not love. That's so unclear and make me confusing, and in the end u guys wil oni say ' I said i got feel on u only, fren also can got feel can say miss ma..that's not love'... EXCUSES!!!

If any guy let me hear this kind of excuses, I swear I wont even be fren with him!! Im serious. Dont play with the love and u thought so happy of having admirer. Women are not weakers~~ We can live without mens! Juz we dont want to.. Dont play with fire please. Love is not child can play. If u think u are not enough mature, please dont touch it and simply hurt gals and juz walk away. So irresponsible!!