Thursday, November 5, 2009

Love is blind..

wait or not?

i cant decide anymore.

am i really think too much?

Im juz too care bout him. I think love will become annoying when u care a person a little too much.

I juz scare i'll lost him, but in fact i never gain him~

He is juz too good with all the girls around him, in fact, Im the one of them.

And now, Im the most bad relationship among the girls around him. you know why? cuz.. I too care bout him,too care bout what he talk to other gals..

when I know that he will say "miss" to every girl that close to him, I know he never lie to me.

Cuz he told me b4, miss can say to frens. He can miss his fren. yes.. He never lie to me.

Think positively, he stil a gd guy cuz not a liar~

So i should have beliv him that he said he got feel to me b4...

But he did say oso he got no more feel on me should i beliv this as well?

I dont want to...and never accept it. Im still here hoping for, thinking to... make him bck to me.

But seems so impossible, cuz he already say he no more feel on me. and he got so much choice now, he dun need me anymore...what I suppose to do?

If now he can tell me that he still got very very very little feel on me, i'll wait. I swear no matter what he do, no matter how sweet he treat other girls..I wont ask even a word...I swear..I juz want him back...I can do whatever he like..whatever..

Now only i is really blind. U really will do whatever, sacrifice everything, juz to get the one u love the most to stay happy with u...I juz wan this.. I wan him to be happy with me.. Juz like that.....I beliv this is not too much...I juz need his 1 word, ask me wait for him, i'll do it then..juz give some hope in my life. At least, i got my target to continue my happy life. I juz need matter what I need to do. I dont care.
I juz want him to tell me..but why he never? T.T