Friday, November 6, 2009


You know what...?
A person, should be balance in his or her life.
Some people will commit suicide, because they felt they lost everything but in fact, they only lost a part of his or her life.
When we browse through the newspaper, some people commit suicide because they fail in their exam, or too stress in study. But actually they study in the first class of their school. Maybe they think they lost everything if cant get the best grade, but how about those studying in the last class?
Some commit suicide because they lose in their business. but in fact, before economic down they was a billionaire, and after economic down they become millionaire...hmm.. how bout us that only consider as "thousandaire"?
And some...die for love...
We should be balanced... Even though sometimes we maybe weak in some part of our life, but we still not losing everything.

I myself as an example. sometimes really feel wana die cos Im studying ACCA, so stress.. study until cry..who knows?
My parents...always argue..doubting each other. this say he not love her, that say she dun like helping him in his business.. what should I do as a child in this home?
And my brothers...both hating each other, cos dad most love young bor, and mum always side elder one...
And in my love story, I always let guy leaving me.
So im really lost everything in my life, should I commit suicide?
I dont think so..Cos Im gonna come out for work already. I'll almost have my own life. I can earn money by myself, leaving a home that always only argument thr, leaving my study and get what i deserved after my hardwork in my study, and i'll search again for a whole new nice guy that will give me my happiness..
So dying is just end your wonderful life, but not ending your sad life. Cos you still not get into the wonderful life, you already give up.
So.....we should look into future...
I should do that too...
I should not cry only for a person I love, and feel bad cause he said he dont love me.
because I know, I can work harder to get him again in future...maybe we will have our wonderful future. Or I will get a better one after him? ^^
So if u think u wan to commit suicide and u do read this post, I hope that, U think all over again..