Monday, November 9, 2009

The tears as the rain

The sky is crying.... When i look through my window, HIS tears, is hurting every living thing on the earth.
I am safe under the eaves, looking to the cats and dogs that running outside, looking at the birds that flying in the tears, and creatures running back to their home..
Only the trees...they're in wonderful day of this, dancing, open up their arms, welcome the tears to hydrate them... and after the tears, will be a smile from the sun, and a whole new weather that every creature and living thing will present in it, and work on for their life again..
Human's heart is just the same as weather..they have tears sometimes, to brim over the sadness, to get themselves safe under somewhere they can hide from the tears, but the tears, do hydrate some feelings inside their heart, to understand what is going on, to know what to do, how to decide. And after the raining, should be a smile, to welcome your new life, which will have more happiness and let yourself go on with your life, and forget about the rain that you dropped.

I am forgetting the rain of mine yesterday night, even now the sky is having HIS tears dropping. I feel great now because I know what should I do. I understand that something can't be changed and will stay forever as now... I know what he think, because he said so... I know we'll never got chance to be couple, because he said so. So.. how about you?


Pamela said...

So emo still??
I.. I havent had these feeling that fallen this deep before laa..

Luckily, i din step that deep before..

Wen said...

aiyo~ emo meh? ok la.. not so emo like b4 d..nvr try nvr know lo. sometimes is hurt de, but most the time oso feel happy when think of those happy moment. so if u see me suddenly smile dun get shock haha~