Tuesday, May 4, 2010

mothers' day around the corner..what's yr plan?

my mum said..."secret recipe's cake very sien d la...dun1 buy d." (coz my big bro lo..he like SR cake, every event oso buy thr de cake..eat til.....@.@

so....hehe. mum ask me when i wan bake cake wo...yuan lai she miss my cake haha!!

dang dang dang~~ ok lo.i will bake an orange flavour butter cake.
(she dun like cheese cake, cant bake cheese cake.no choice)
(cant find mascarpone cheese around the ingredient shops around my hse, cant bake tiramisuT.T no choice)

so bake her favourite simple cake lo^^ wish me luck ya... dun fail in bakin' o. ^.<