Friday, December 7, 2007

25t November 2007 (transferred from old blog)

there's no true fren in the world...i reach the age of 19 now only i notice that....maybe it's too late but at least nevermind...last time i thought that, frens so important, cos if u go out, without frens u will be alone.. and frens are so good because all of them will care about your feeling...but i can tell u here, no such thing.
when they need u too, they dont hav boyfren...they are caring about u. what happen to you they will be sincere.but when they did hav a boyfren, everything boyfren comes first. boyfren sk them not to go somewhere with you, even though they had promise u they will go with u, they will cancel.
i hate ppl didnt walk their promise, and my best fren know me so well....i thought that we are the best fren in the world. nothing could influence our relationship even boyfren, this is our promise.she know i hav a protective parents,i cant even go out by public transport by we get the job, she told me she will come back to her house here to take the public transport with me. but after that her boyfren also will work together with us, and she send me message, tell me that maybe she couldn't back to my house area here to take public transport with me. she wants to go with her boyfren whoch they both now stay around the college.
she broke her promise to me just because a sentence of her boyfren. how could she did that to me? when i get that message i really disappointed with her... she changed after she got somebody told me before...
friends will leave you due to their loves one,but those who love u will leave their friends due to you....
so...please appreciate the one who loves you,especially your family. because in this case, when i dont have transport anymore after my fren had broken her promise, my mum is the only who help me. she let me drive to the college, or even let me drive to the working place. she dont want me to rely on those useless fren, she is right, nothing is better than family, anything happen,all peopl will leave u, only your family will really disappointed and tears even dropped for her....she is not my best fren anymore....cos she had changed...i will never believe true fren in this world anymore. no suc thing. since the world is so realistic, i should have change myself too to suit this world so that i can survive. i will never need any true fren. i can rely on myself, i will be independent.