Sunday, December 23, 2007

secondary school gathering...^^

we meet in kfc around my house area...a bit disappointed cause not so much people going.. but still happy to chat there cause they are still so funny.

i think they are planning to go sing k on christmas eve...but i av to do housework at home... ithink i cant joint sad..if im so free like them and go everywhere as i like, isn't it good? why m i have to be so good and stay at home everyday and listen to my parents? i think it's time for me to change. i dont want to be like htis forever. i want to get back my normal life. being control by parents is sucks! i must try to go on trip with frens when im 20 next year..that's the life i should have. i dont care they worry or what. they should know nothing they could worry so much on my age now, i should be free to try out my life, i should have learn to take care of my self, if they never let me free, i will never grow up. i want to grow up now. let me free~