Friday, December 14, 2007

14th December 2007

Bad days....everybody is unhappy, and some more i get serious sick. i never sick until like this.. make me everyday sleep in class.
i cant even talk much cos my mouth got a lot of alser, make me suffer for all the days when i was eating, sometimes really feel like dont want to eat. and i love spicy food, now i have not touch spicy food for 1 week already, this is really killing me slowly.

between..last time i was really angry with my best fren for what she has done to me. i dont even tell her what's happening, i lie to her so that she wont know, i dont want to lost a fren who really can talk a lot with me since we have almost the same interest.

now im ok with her already, i know hard to get a fren that really can understand me, even she really so care about her boyfriend until neglected me, just let it be.cos i have other frens too, i dont need to always disturb her. maybe 1 day if she found that she need me, she will find me, and i have my functiona s a best fren again.

this is what my dad told me, frens are making use of each other, nobody is excluded. last time i don't believe, now i know. i accept this fact, and i wont angry to any of my frens anymore even they did something bad to me, cos i know..when they neglect me, means they found somebody more suit than me who can accompany them..she got boyfriend, she will tell her boyfriend what ever happen, not me anymore. so i just stand by for her, until she need me 1 day, i will be there. this is what we call as "friend", isn't it?

appreciate your friends, don't simply get angry with them and quarrel, don't ever say you hate them, some words if already say out, it is hard to keep back. don't make yourself regret, and there's not only a friend in the world, don't just appreciate your best friend, it's not fair to the others...