Wednesday, November 26, 2008

oh my god oh my god!!!!

my audit test sure fail ady.....

i only write 7 points whereas it actually needs 20 points..(this is what i heard)

and....only 36 minutes to write, how to write? huh huh huh???

20 points with explaination ler..not only points..

and some more....the question asking about audit strategy..

which we have never practice on this topic..

i have read the books and notes before the test about this audit strategy...

but, i have no idea what it is about..

the information from books and notes is so...LIMITED!!

what a.... test!

killing we the student.

do the lecturer and tutors build their happiness on our sadness?

i can't believe...i'm so disappointed.

i can't imagine the result.

GOD.....Pls help me~~~

i don't want to fail any way..

never do this on me.


- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

that sux. so little time so much to write. guess we just got to practice writing speed+thinking at home b4 exams.

I am a lazy bug though, i type everything using MSword. So during exams i write slow like shit hehe. Write 10min already hand pain. lol

BeBe.Steph said...

oo? u r my course de? i nvr see u ur blog is nice wei~ i hav no time for blog anymore. oways busy with studies and baking