Tuesday, November 4, 2008

yo...what a lucky day today...?
i met a friendster friend at the car park inside college.
lol~ i can't even recognise who is him..
cause i nvr go and see his photo... =.="
sorry ya Adrian...anyway, nice to meet u too.
and..on the way home, i received a call from "True Fitness".
They invited me to go to their branch to have a 7 days course.
hehe...some more wanna arrange a personal trainer for me wo~
i said wana bring a fren go, she said welcome.
SAM PUI YEE, you are targeted! wahaha~
and i know why is the True Fitness will have my contact.
i think sure Winx..you already a member there is it?
i guess la..hehe...cos you seldom call me as Stephanie.
so im not sure is it u..
anyway, i will have a try if i have the time.^^
Today is a very nice rainy day.


wynki said...

stupid dear...y put my full name so big thr? -_-"

winx said...

ai yo, y me a?? hmm... I'm not a member yet...

BeBe.Steph said...

not u meh munyueng? then who o? i tot is u ler...how come how come?

haha sam pui yee, i din spell wrong ma.. muz be proud of ur full name wakaka~

wynki said...

i'm proud...but i shy oso eh... LOL...