Friday, October 17, 2008

1 october JOGOYA!! yeah~~

u know why i was wearing like dis? cos im birthday gal ma..muz be special..i know my "sisters" sure all wear very sexy and attractive de, i most short and most no stature de, so ma wear a bit fashion but not sexy lo haha~ i wear like 80年代 de ppl haha..not bad ma..

let me introduce this...the toilet of starhill..haha~ wear so nice cos wana take pic in starhill lo~ high class o that toilet..if my house toilet also so nice i sure sleep in toilet haha...

start drinking jogoya!!!
nice place it is...oh my gonna be a very fat gal after that day..
cos i saw so many delicious food!! all are my favourite..
cant control myself u noe...

as u all know...u onli always saw 1 of my sis appeared in my blog geh...this is another 1 lo..she so busy ppl lai many job...wan date her wana make appointment de ler.. haha~ last time i wan book her during christmas need to book a year b4..wakaka~ jk jk..she sure out if got time geh.. she so pandai enjoy life ar...

haha this need to intro liao...(shaking head) almost every blog also got her face inside geh.. haha~
the following pic....are all pic that i took,with a bet of my life in danger haha.
cos....when i was taking pic there, a waitress scold me. she said "food are not allowed to take pic". but puiyee said she saw a lot of ppl thr holding their camera and taking pic in front of those food counter ar...not fair..oni im the 1 being scold...

delicious ler..wana go eat anot? haha~
after eating, we walked around inside the starhill...then take pic lo...this sor poh...hehe. posing and let us take pic lo~~ so syok. everybody wearing so nice dat day. took a lot of pic.

i was really having a very happy day with them although really spent a lot and tired for that day. but when im writting this mood is so bad..maybe i cant bring out the feel that i want to show...but in fact, really thanks for both of my sis, for accompany me and celebrate my early birthday with me. love u both so much..dont ever try to leave me in my life. u both are in the prison of my life, no way out!


winx said...

huh?? I'm the prison in your heart??
Oh no!!!! I DON'T WANT, can a>?