Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mcd + my green picanto

recently i received quite a lot of msg in my friendster email box..
major of them are from TARCollege which im studying now too.
they are only my net frens whom i nvr know b4..
and they msg me to tell me that..they saw me in MCD!!!
=_=" not only 1 or 2..but so many of them.
they some more know im driving a green picanto, know what's inside my car.
i nvr know that ppl can recognise me so well de.
cos last time all my frens said to me that i look very different in real compared with my pic.
so now this is so strange for me cos most of those who went Mcd b4 also can recognise me.
and some more can found me in friendster.
is this also consider as fate?
then i really got so much fate with strangers haha~
but anyway..having more frens better than more enemy geh~
if wana be fren with me of cos can la..
but next time if really saw me in Mcd, greet with me la~
if not i very blur cos all msg me in frenster, i also duno who r u de..^^


J3SS said...

i thought is jz me will done tis all of such thgs,curicuri saw wat is in ur car...n etc...seem likes vry many of ppl aso will do such thgs u dun wan said me as sor poh again lo>.<