Tuesday, August 19, 2008

happy case + sad case

im happy that to be invited by kathrina for her birthday celebration 2molo.
1st to say a very happy birthday to her. i wish her always happy.
im sad that to be ignored by *** im feel like im nothing!!
nvr ask me whether i want anot.
my heart now really gray.
too many problems occured btw us.
im always the one being ignore.
sometimes when i talk to ***, but no respect from ***. the half was i talking, *** will juz ignore me and turn away and talk to other. is that the way to treat me?
im nothing
im nothing
im nothing
im nothing
im nothing
im nothing
im nothing
++++++++tears coming out....++++++++++
im really NOTHING
wynki.......i need u~ can u back to my life everyday?
i dun need everybody
i just want u to accompany me everyday
i hate my life now..
i really need u...i only wan u as my fren in my life only..
i dont wan anyone else....
help me...im alone.....i need somebody...