Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Primary school friends gathering

this is our gang...
compared to the 1st gathering we had, the amount of ppl attending half reduced.
but this seems to be better because last time like so blur, duno everyoe thr
now the lesser we are, the closer we are
we talked more than b4..and get each others contact
i love them so much...cos really miss them a lot wo~~
hope to see them again.
p.s: hehe~~ this is my 1st time i went out til midnight.
but i was back at 1.30am la...
supposed i can back at 3am de...my parents say nvrm wo~
so strange is it? i nvr get permission like dis..
i duno whats the reason they suddenly changed.
maybe because im really big girl ady..
but i think the main reason is because they want me to have my life with friends ba..
only with this, i will feel happier with my life even without my bf.
they so sad to see me crying last time when i broken up.
this is all they can do for me to make me happy.
so....i will be happy and smile for them!!
----------------------------------------THE END--------------------------------------