Friday, July 11, 2008

experience of teaching computering...

i tell you o..
the worse student in the world
not those student in tuition centre
not your young brothers or sisters
but your parents, especially mother
you know what?
she want me teach her to use computer to do the accounts of our own company
she know nothing about computer
and i teached her how to boot the com
how wo click into the MYOB software
teached her how to type words
how to type capital letter
how to click
you know......i only teached her until open the software and created our simple company background
ady 1 hour and the half!!
wahaha~~ i drank a whole bottle of water ady lo...
so cham o me..

and finally, she gave up.
and handle all of it to me to do

nah this is my mummy hahaha~~

--------------------------THE END--------------------------