Tuesday, June 17, 2008

again we having these kind of ingredients..haha~# guess what cake is it?

this is the base of the cake....very very delicious o~~ can uz eat like dis....

blend the mixture of cheese..this time no need use hand ady, i had found my machine haha~~ can blend with it. so fast it can be done.

this time not putting into the oven and burn, but put into fridge to freeze it! haha..

waiting our cake to freeze now in the fridge.. do some base biscuit and heat it to eat 1st~ so hungry o...

take the cheese cake out..now wana do the topping ady lo... crystal jelly plus some pineapples and peaches!

pour the mixture of jelly into the mole..and freeze it again til the nite...

here comes my cake...a bit look weird cos the jelly freeze too fast even put outside the fridge..so sad..
the cheese no taste one..
but my parents very like this cake, cos they said it so fresh with the fruits and jelly...so the cheese doesnt matter...but the whole cake, the cheese most expensiv ler!!

------------------------------------The End----------------------------------